Where will the road take you?



hi, I'm Cristy

My love of cheese knows no bounds.

I'm freakishly organized. My to-do lists are epic.

I really enjoy learning new things and have been in one class or another since preschool. Check out my progress (and detours) here.

Perhaps it seems marketing is my bread and butter: I went to college for marketing, got a job in marketing, started a company in marketing…but there’s more to me than that! I’m a storyteller. An analyst. A web designer. An entrepreneur.

I’m on a continual journey to learn, and it has lead me to a host of amazing experiences, like co-founding a patent illustration company, moving across the country to work in the nonprofit world, traveling the globe, and starting my marketing company.

Now I'm on the path to web developer. Where will the road take you?

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A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.

— Albert Einstein


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